Irene Ritchie Yogya and Solo Activities  Jan/Feb 2017.


 Irene Ritchie and Ki Purbo Asmoro - top dalang in Java.


Advertisement for a Wayang Jancil in Yogyakarta.


Irene with the cast and crew of the wayang kancil in Minomartani.


 Ilona Wright and Irene Ritchie at Prambannan.


 Ilona Wright, Anggara Sri Wisnu, Dewi Cahaya and Irene Ritchie at the Ramayana Ballet.


 Pak Eddy Pursubaryanto and family, at being awarded his PHD.


 Pak Wakidi, Ilona Wright, Marianne Lessels and Irene Ritchie at the gamelan lesson, Solo.


Irene with a bride and groom at the Dana Hotel, Solo.


Dewa Ruci puppet show, Purwodadi.


Bima Suci puppet show, Purwodadi.


 Irene with Ki Ledjar Subroto, the creator of Wayang Kancil.