About Irene Ritchie

Irene Ritchie completed a Bachelor of Letters in Indonesian at Monash University, Australia, and qualified as an Indonesian teacher in 2002. She travels to Indonesia twice a year to further language and cultural studies, the study of gamelan music, research into the practices of Islam and to share her experiences with audiences and readers. She writes for various magazines on travel in Indonesia, Javanese society and culture and regularly interviews Muslim intellectuals for her articles on Indonesian Islam. Her interest in Kancil stories began when she received a positive response from her primary school students toward the idea of publishing these stories in English. She started to research the ancient folk tales from the Wayang Kancil puppet theatre and met various dalangs (puppeteers) who were using the genre to educate young people about environmental issues in the modern world. In particular she was influenced by Pak Ledjar Subroto and Pak Eddy Pursubaryanto of Yogyakarta.  View photos of Irene telling her stories of Kancil in Ubud, Bali, October 2011, and view photos  at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival October 2012.


About Georgina Simmonds

Georgina Simmonds completed a Diploma of Art (Illustration) at RMIT and also completed a Graduate Diploma of Applied Science (Computer Graphics) at Monash University. She is a trained technical teacher and was awarded the National Gallery of Victoria's Student Drawing Prize in 1959 and 1960. Georgina has taught for 30 years at tertiary level (Monash University Faculty of Art and Design), TAFE (Launceston) and in secondary schools. She provided illustrations for commercial and community publications and made murals and banners. She has considerable folios of watercolour/mixed media produced during extensive travels in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. She also paints portraits and develops 3D animation.



About Eyang (Ken D.) Kendro ( 1929 - 2007)

Eyang is a Javanese word which means grandparent.


Ken Kendro was born in Java, Indonesia on July 19, 1929. He grew up in Yogyakarta in the village of Panembahan, one block east of the Sultan's palace. He fought for the independence of Indonesia and played soccer in the 1956 Olympics. In 1956 he received a USA government scholarship to study Physical Education at Indiana University. He returned to Indonesia in 1959, married Becky and helped establish the first graduate program in physical education at the University of Bandung. Kendro was Physical Director of the YMCA in Indiana in 1962 and in 1966 in Hawaii where he raised his three children Susan, Kurt and Chris. In May 1990 Kendro, with his second wife, Chace, made a month long trip to Indonesia, his first in 32 years. Upon his return he joined the gamelan ensemble at the University of Hawaii and became absorbed in Javanese culture. Up until his death he was actively involved in teaching, he was Indonesian translator for the State and Federal Courts and travelled to Indonesia frequently. In 2005 he participated in a conference in Hamburg, Germany dedicated to preserving the Javanese language. Chace's daughter, Professor Julie Shackford - Bradley was so influenced by Ken that she did a PHD at Berkeley in Indonesian Language and Literature.
Kendro passed away on May 21, 2007 at the age of 77.