Irene suggests these links:

Facebook Facebook Link to Kancil Forest
Youtube The story of Water War performed by Ki Eddy Pursubaryanto, from Balai Budaya Minomartani
Youtube A New Book - Kancil's Secret Life - Introduced and discussed by Irene (video by Sri Wisnu)
Youtube About Ki Ledjar Subroto of Yogyakarta, a dalang of Wayang Kancil and a puppet and mask maker.
Baguskan Indonesian teaching resources and services
Indoink Indonesian teaching resources
Kendro.memory Ken(Eyang) Kendro memorial site
AIAV Australian Indonesian Association of Victoria , Australia 
VILTA Victorian Indonesian Language Teachers' Association

Wayang Kancil - Kompas TV 14April2013. Features interviews with the main Wayang Kancil dalangs in Yogyarkarta old and new and excerpts from performances. Pak Ledjar is the dalang who reinvented this form of wayang in the late 1970's and he talks about the development of this art form in Yogya. There is also an interview with his grandson, Nanang, who is making animated versions of Si Kancil and his adventures. There is an interview with Ki Eddy Pursubaryanto and his son Anggara Sri Wisnu. Sri Wisnu has recently made about 11 short videos with English subtitles of the most popular Wayang Kancil stories on You tube. He is a 'dalang muda'.

Youtube 'Wayang Kancil' stories on video by Sri Wisnu - Lahirnya Kancil (The Birth of Kancil)